We will do all things with trust in God, each other, and our leaders.

We will operate in hope of the future and not in fear, always staying positive.

We will assume the best about those we work with and seek to encourage.

We will be a company that gives back to those hurting and needing help.


We will treat all people with kindness and decency.

We will seek to understand and empathize with others when we communicate.

We will honor the opinions and perspectives of others.

We will not force our beliefs but encourage when permitted.


We will take utmost care on every project not to cut corners.

We will never cover up an issue but always inform the appropriate parties.

We will keep our word and communicate any necessary changes.

We will strive to be above reproach in all of our business dealings.


We will tell the truth in every circumstance without compromise.

We will enlighten our customers with information that pertains to their project.

We will accurately relay the state of our business without exaggeration.

We will always comply with legal authorities to the fullest extent.