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May 18, 2023

Mighty Hand Construction’s journey with unique values and the incident with Logan Dorn

On Labor Day, September 6, 2021, Logan Dorn received more fame than he’s ever had in his life, as a TikTok feed accumulated millions of views of him approaching college girls at the beach and confronting them for swimwear he believed to be scandalous and immodest.  The girls asked him to leave repeatedly while he continued to confront their lack of clothing and how it was inappropriate for all the families on the beach.

Within days, the incident was all over national news sites and it seemed as if all hell had broken loose for Logan’s life and anyone in his concentric circles.  Here at Mighty Hand Construction, we experienced extreme turmoil as our prided 5 star rated company plummeted on Google to hundreds of 1 star ratings concerning Logan Dorn accompanied by endless phone calls demanding that we fire him, and social media outbursts claiming we support the harassment of women.  For a small and growing business like Mighty Hand, this was a deadly blow.  Our employees were literally getting phone calls and death threats demanding that they quit working at Mighty Hand due to its association with Logan Dorn. While Logan’s approach to the women was unseemly, the whole situation seemed unfair and yet it was thrust upon us.  With no judge or jury, it seemed that Mighty Hand was elected to make the final verdict and decision of justice for what was right and wrong for Logan and all of the public eye was awaiting for us to say something!

I want to use this blog to invite you into the journey of what went on behind the scenes at Mighty Hand Construction and share with you our concluding thoughts on the incident, as well as shed some light on who Logan Dorn really is. But before I do, I want to give some of the Mighty Hand Back Story.

The Beginnings of a Christian Construction Company

One of the strongest desires of my life has always been to serve God by going to the darkest and most difficult places of the world, to bring the light of the Gospel.  Instead, to my surprise, God called me into business, and Mighty Hand Construction evolved from prayer and worship in my living room to a multi-million dollar company.  Me and my business partner Rob Bray launched the company with the mission statement, “Bring revival to Northern Colorado, and Build a house that cannot be shaken.”  Every Monday with our small staff of 7 people, we prayed diligently for our community and sought every opportunity we could as a remodeling company to pray for people and be a living demonstration of God's light and love outside of a church building.  We intentionally hired people we believed could represent our unique values of “Faith, Respect, Integrity, and Truth” while being able to deliver an incredible product.  We do not exist to make money, we make money to exist.  That is how important our mission is to us.

image 1 | Mighty Hand Construction’s journey with unique values and the incident with Logan Dorn | Mighty Hand Construction

Over the years we have grown into an incredibly professional team that can execute custom home builds, large scale remodels and additions, as well as commercial builds and remodels across Northern Colorado, all while maintaining 5 star reviews and incredible customer feedback.  We have our mistakes of course, but by God's grace we have been able to adapt and overcome to truly deliver a one of a kind experience of the construction process with people who genuinely love their customers.

image 2 | Mighty Hand Construction’s journey with unique values and the incident with Logan Dorn | Mighty Hand Construction

My original thought from what I believed God put in my heart was to do construction for four years, and then He would finally send me to the nations.  With all this in mind, we hired an incredible and dynamic leader who would be able to take the baton of the business when I was ready to launch out of the nest in 2022.   The process was going so well with him that I prematurely began to hand the company leadership and management to him, as I eagerly awaited my life long dream to do missions and pastoral work.  In that process, we were discovering that while we highly loved and admired each other, some of our vision and values had some strong differences.  Right near the end of that process, the entire incident with Logan Dorn at the beach happened.  

Of course, all of the owners of Mighty Hand Construction and our then CEO were greatly concerned about the situation and unanimously agreed that Logan Dorn did not approach these women in the right way.  I spent an entire evening crying out to God under the stars as there was great turmoil within me.  On the one hand, it was true that Logan had approached these gals without a spirit of love or wisdom, which caused great confusion and backlash.  On the other hand, there were crazy and wild false accusations coming against Logan such as him being an abuser of women and of his children (Which he didn't even have at the time).  We were even getting reviews from people with whom Mighty Hand had never met, saying that Logan came to their house for a sales call and tried to rape their kids.  I was stuck between a rock and a hard place wanting to protect the company and also cover Logan from the false accusations as well. Being placed into the seat as judge, the public was demanding that we cut off his head and hand it over as evidence of his evil.  Cancel culture at its finest.

In an attempt for unity in a desperate time, the CEO and I agreed that we would not leave the office until we had settled on a public statement that we both agreed to.  After some back and forth, we came to this conclusion for a public statement:

“Today information was brought to our attention that one of our employees, Logan Dorn, was accused of harassing a group of individuals over the weekend in Northern Colorado.  While many of the allegations brought against Logan are untrue, we do not stand with his actions in the videos and they do not represent our company or our values.  We will further discuss his employment at Mighty Hand Construction.”

I felt this would be a fair and simple way to protect the company values while not dishonoring the employee and giving into the demands of fear from public pressures.

Instead, without my consent, this public statement was released:

“Today information was brought to our attention that one of our employees, Logan Dorn, was accused of harassing a group of individuals over the weekend in Northern Colorado.  We began an investigation this morning which has resulted in the immediate termination of Mr. Dorn.  Mighty Hand Construction does not condone Logan’s behavior in the videos, nor do his actions reflect our values as a company.”

Ultimately, I do not believe that Logan's termination and the public communication were just and completely honest in light of who he is and the full situation.  One of the primary intentions of this blog is to bring to light the great man that Logan is today and his own reflections on the matter along with our conclusions as a company.

“I operated in a spirit of judgment and pride”

 I have always sought to lead our company to courageously live out their faith and share it with those around us, so that they might encounter the creator that loved them, but this was not a representation of that for our company.  In a recent interview with Logan he told me that he knows he made “a big mistake.”  He continued, “I operated in a spirit of judgment and criticism that ultimately came from fear and pride.”  Everyone who personally knows Logan, has gotten to see him continue to grow in so much humility and patience through this event.  After all, it says in God's Word, “The Lord disciplines those he loves and chastises every son whom he receives.” - Hebrews 12:6 -

Logan continued to explain, “Since the event, my evangelism and ministry have drastically changed.  I no longer approach people from a spirit of judgment to correct them in pride but rather from a spirit of love.  I long for others to encounter the heart of the Father and bring all of my ministry through purified motives and heart.  I now approach every ministry opportunity of evangelism with wisdom by getting to know who is in front of me, knowing the time and place to say what I desire to say, and making love my aim in every possible way.”

We are honored to stand with him

The photo on the right is of Logan praying over a group of football players in the State where he currently resides with his pregnant wife and daughter living on the mission God has called him to.  Logan seeks to share the love of God and the Truth of the Gospel with everyone he can, and has been able to see incredible fruit as a result.  He powerfully leads in youth ministries and outreach where many broken youth are experiencing healing.  As both Rob and I were honored to stand with him at his wedding, we are honored to stand by him in the work that he now engages in.

Mighty Hand Construction re-hired Logan several months after the incident as an entry level craftsman where he worked for several months before he moved to Florida.  While we know that Logan made a major mistake at the beach that day, we know that he has a pure heart of gold and has humbled himself to become an incredible and mighty man of God who is approachable and ready to stand for the Truth in Love in all that he does. 

As for Mighty Hand, we will continue to be a company who seeks to bring transformation to Northern Colorado through building custom homes, premium remodels, and commercial builds while we seek every opportunity to represent the values of Jesus Christ who is our ultimate role model.  We serve clients from all ends of the political and religious spectrum, showing them honor, and being true to who we are along the way.  We have never had one customer complain about the way we live out our faith as a construction company uniquely equipped to give our clients the rare experience of love and relationship through the entire construction process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog on Mighty Hand’s one of a kind journey in the business world of construction.

Micah Applegate

CEO and Founder of Mighty Hand Construction

image | Mighty Hand Construction’s journey with unique values and the incident with Logan Dorn | Mighty Hand Construction
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